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Minor skin surgery

Welcomes you to the aesthetic & anti-aging medical center of AEMC in Boeng Snor.
Doctor CHHUY, as part of the practice of aesthetic medicine, performs minor surgeries that can be performed under simple local anesthesia, including on the face.

Minor skin surgery in AEMC

Sebaceous cysts, milium and scalp burls

Doctor CHHUY Thierry

Dr CHHUY Thierry General Practitioner Aesthetic Medicine Osteopathy
Dr CHHUY Thierry - Aesthetic Medicine - General Practitioner - Osteopathy

These are small pockets filled with fat that appear on the face, body and even the scalp (burls). These normally benign cysts create small, more or less hard bumps. For aesthetic reasons or to prevent their inflammation, your dermatologist can remove them surgically.

When do the results appear  after a Botulinum toxin injection ?

The doctor will excise them (surgical removal) if he considers that they present a cancer risk or if their appearance or position bothers you.


Simple pockets of fat, they are frequent and insensitive. They cause no complications but can create unsightly protuberances, which justifies their surgical excision.

Small angiomas

These are red or darker spots, more or less in relief, corresponding to malformations on a blood or lymphatic vessel. They should be removed if they are bothersome or change in appearance.

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