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Appointment for a teleconsultation

Doctor in Phnom Penh - Advance European Medicare Center

Advance European Medicare Center (AEMC)

Teleconsultation online

A consultation at your place

Book a teleconsultation by internet or by phone at the following numbers:
- 011 811 175
- 012 634 115
- 012 333 468

Medical Center in Phnom Penh

You cannot go to our 2 consultation centers ?
Do you live in the provinces ?
We can carry out a remote consultation for many pathologies. Thus, you come to our medical center only if it is really necessary.
Attention, this service IS NOT AN EMERGENCY SERVICE

In case of emergency, please call the medical center directly on 011 811 175 or 012 634 115.
Sunday: Doctors on call for emergencies.
Experienced top European quality in medical care by friendly and experienced doctors and staff.

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