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Urology consultations

Urology consultations in Advance European Medicare Center

Dr SRUN Sok Aun - AEMC
Dr SRUN Sok Aun

The urology consultations are provided by Doctor SRUN Sok Aun, a university graduate in Lyon University in France. You will benefit from an AEMC complete urologist assessment.

What pathologies does a urologist follow?

Both women and men may seek the help of a urologist.

If a woman has urinary incontinence, kidney stones or blood in the urine, she may seek the specialty knowledge of a urologist. If medical concerns involve the uterus or vagina, she is more likely to go to a gynecologist. Some symptoms may overlap, requiring a multidisciplinary approach.

Men commonly seek a urologist if they have blood in the urine, kidney stones, difficulties emptying their bladder or an elevated PSA. A prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, is a protein found in the blood that, at elevated levels, may indicate prostate cancer. Shall you have those symptoms or if you wish to get more information, please contact us :
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