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Hepatology consultations

Hepatology consultations are provided by Doctor Francesca CAINELLI.

What pathologies are taken care of by a Hepalogist ?

Maladies du foie

Hepatology is a branch of medicine that studies the liver and its diseases. The liver is a noble organ, essential for life. It constitutes a reserve of sugar, intervenes in the metabolism of fats and proteins, participates in the elimination of certain wastes and in the production of bile. Liver functions are essential for the survival of the organism

Liver disease

The liver can suffer from various diseases: this is called liver disease. They can be infectious (hepatitis A, B, C are the best known), tumors, liver failure, cirrhosis, drug overdose … Treatment can be medical or surgical. In the event of partial removal of the liver, the latter has the capacity to regenerate itself. On the other hand, a complete removal of the liver will require an immediate transplant as a matter of urgency. Unlike the kidneys (dialysis), no medical method can overcome the functions of the liver.

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